Success Criteria

These three criteria are crucial for sector coupling to achieve maximum economic benefits and maximum sustainability:

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The power-to-gas plants must be integrated into the electricity and gas system in a suitable dimension and at the highest level. This is the only way to harness the capacities of the transportation networks for electricity and gas and the gas storage facilities connected to them.

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The systems must be installed at suitable contact points between the electricity and gas transportation networks. Only in this way technically feasible and economically efficient transitions can be created between the electricity and gas systems.

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It must be possible to coordinate the operation of the systems in such a way that the actual feed-in of renewable energy, the electrical load, the current flows in the electrical system, the volume flows of gas transport and the filling levels of the gas storage facilities are always seen as an integrated system. In this way, renewables can be integrated into the energy system in a way that is beneficial to the system as a whole. At the same time, the demand profile of a hydrogen application can be uncoupled from the supply profile of renewables.