Amprion and Open Grid Europe are planning the first large-scale power-to-gas-plant in Germany to convert electricity from renewable energy sources into hydrogen. A suitable location for the hybridge pilot project is in southern Emsland: On the border between Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia there is an ideal intersection between electricity and gas grids.

The following is planned: An electrolyser with electrical input of 100 megawatts will be installed near one of Amprion’s substations and connected to Amprion’s electricity grid. Based on this, we plan to test all future ways of integrating hydrogen into the energy system in the hybridge project: OGE plans to convert parts of its existing gas network for the exclusive transport of pure hydrogen. Companies located near the new hydrogen pipeline can use the green hydrogen. In the further course of the project, the provision of hydrogen filling stations in the mobility sector, for example in motor vehicles or trains, is also possible. In addition, gas storage facilities will be converted as well in future in order to temporally decouple the supply of renewable energy sources from the demand for hydrogen. The storage facilities can then take in hydrogen instead of natural gas and feed it back into the hydrogen network. In this way, a reliable supply of hydrogen based on renewable energy can be efficiently realised.

Adding hydrogen to natural gas networks is another option that will be tested in the project. The green gas can then also be used for other purposes such as heating. As part of the OGE network, the hydrogen network will be connected to both thetransmission network and to regional local natural gas networks. OGE ensures that a limited amount of hydrogen can be added to the natural gas in compliance with current regulations. When these options have been exhausted, hydrogen can also be methanised with CO2 and fed into the natural gas grid too.

The technological prerequisites for the construction of the plant are already in place today. If the legal and regulatory authorities consent to the project, Amprion and OGE can begin the approval process and construction in the near future. The plant would then be ready for operation in 2023.