Project partners


Amprion GmbH is a transmission system operator headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. The company’s 11,000 kilometre transmission grid connects electricity producers and consumers from Lower Saxony to the Alps – in an area in which around one third of Germany’s economic output is generated. Amprion makes its network available to industrial customers and also distribution system operators, electricity traders and producers via around 1,000 feed-in and feed-out points – with non-discriminatory access and at market prices. In the course of the transition to renewable energy, Amprion is preparing to transport increasing quantities of electricity generated from renewable energy sources and will invest more than nine billion euros in the upgrading and construction of new power lines in the coming decade. In addition, the grid operator is already working on developing innovations for the energy world of tomorrow. The focus is on efficient, sustainable and people-friendly solutions that help to ensure the stability and reliability of the transmission grid in future too.

Open Grid Europe

Headquartered in Essen, Germany, Open Grid Europe operates the longest gas transmission network in Germany with a length of around 12,000 kilometres. This roughly corresponds to the length of the German motorway network. The company ensures safe, environmentally friendly and customerfocused gas transport throughout Germany and, in cooperation with European transmission system operators, creates the conditions for cross-border transport and trade. The core business of the gas network operator includes the planning, construction and operation of pipelines. In addition, OGE takes responsibility for actively supporting the German energy transition – by improving existing infrastructures and developing innovative solutions.